Decades of Experience

Adam Hince has been entertaining audiences for as long as he can remember. As a young child, he got his first taste of performing in living rooms for family gatherings and birthday parties. By high school, he was also performing in punk bands, doing shows on the weekend in clubs and bars. All the while, it always came back to solo performing, where he finely tuned his craft, focusing on an act that allowed him to get into his audiences' minds, while also giving them a glimpse into what's in his.

A focus on audience involvement is what allows every performance to be unique. Allowing his audience to "be the show," everyone gets in on the act. "Adam held us in rapt attention, keeping us wondering how any of this could be happening. I loved his use of audience participation, making it more fun to see our own employees to be such a huge part of the show!" said Melinda Gibson, President of Keystone Lime company.

Whether it's an entire audience receiving a specific participant's thought, demonstrations of a "human lie detector" or thoughts plucked from spectators minds one by one, things that were previously thought to be works of fiction or "made for TV" are seen live when Adam takes the stage. 

Adam's been entertaining audiences for nearly two decades. Since then thousands have shared in the wonder and most importantly, the fun! If you want another boring show, look elsewhere. Book Adam Hince today!